Re: Speaking of Theme Songs...

joseph h

While the croupier collecting the stakes is soon singing "Thanks for the money, pal"


Then there was the fellow who'd never been to Vegas, never rolled for a 7,  but found himself at the craps table trying to figure out how to play. As he did, he hummed, "Stranger in Pair o' Dice."


= = = = =

There was the man who was obsessed with the gorgeous female psychologist, some years his junior.  He went around humming, "Forever Young..."

Then there was the farmer who grew sweet potatoes.  Talked about them incessantly.  The woman down the block went around singing, "If I Had a Yammer..."  (a double, that one... ;) )

And the seismologist, enthralled by the woman down the block, whose favorite song became "Sugar Time."  (For all of you younger than 60, that's the one that goes, "Shook her in the morning, shook her in the evening, shook her at supper time...")

[ I know this one has the potential to be a forever thread.  Unless, of course, it's been done in the past, which is quite possible. ]

-- Bob Dvorak

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