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bill crider

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Leerless Feeder has 6 correct and Stan Kegel has 2 correct. 


Gary H. pointed out to me that I need to take a remedial class in counting letters. I sincerely apologize, some of the counts previously sent out were wrong. Corrected counts and additional clues below, but maybe you should not trust my counting skills too much! The counts are unpunned/punned.

1.       Apple and Starbucks teamed up on a new product technology. This special coffee cup syncs to your iPhone or iPad. You can choose a menu of coffee options including condiments. When you hand the barrista your mug, you don’t  need to say a thing; sensors in the coffee maker automatically detect your menu selections and dispenses exactly what you want. Then the mug pays via Apple pay and displays your photo so the barrista can identify you without mistake. Like all Apple products, this proved wildly popular, and demand exceeded supply. There is a shortage of the new item, so Apple had to introduce shipment controls to the various sales outlets. The number of new products each sales outlet could receive became known as it’s “blank blank.”
letter count: 11/4,6
This can be done legally or illegally, but illegally is faster and more common.

2.       Lost in the desert, the traveler began to hallucinate not only visually but also heard sounds.

Most common was a vision where he could see and hear John Coltrane and Kenny G playing their greatest hits. After he was rescued, people asked “Did you see other musicians too?” “No,” he replied, “just the blank blank blank.”

Letter count: 4,3,8/4,3,6

What instrument do John Coltrane and Kenny G play?


3.       As a John Wayne fan, I created a long-term plan for my ‘bucket list.’ I set as my goal to visit the location of each and every John Wayne movie. To accomplish this goal, each year when I got vacation time, I would visit three or four sites where he filmed. I called these my “Wayne-cations”. To make my physical trips more enjoyable and efficient, I began taking “stay-cations” where I could visit sites vicariously through the internet to learn everything I could about them in advance. I called these my “blank-blank-blank”.

Letter count: 9/1-4-5

John Wayne’s nickname was “The Duke”

4.       Early in the advent of candy-dispensing vending machines, inventors tried to make machines that could dispense a single stick of gum. But they were completely unsuccessful until someone invented the gumball – a ball of gum with a candy coating. But before that, when someone in the industry referred to a seemingly impossible task, they had an adage that “blank blank blank.”
letter count: 3, 7/ 3, 4, 4
How do gumballs get out of the vending machine?

5.       I have 5 sisters. Four of them are not adept with computers or electronics. But one of my sisters excels at anything related to computers and electronics. I call her my “blank blank”.
letter counts: 5/4,3
My gourmet sister is my “food sis”

6.       My Italian neighbor is very gullible. He has been swindled many times, but he still always falls for grifter’s tricks. I came home one day to find him looking at his driveway and shaking his head.
He told me “This-a man say ‘e gonna resurface my driveway. But ‘e just-a spray oil on it! Now I think blank blank blank.”
letter count: 7/ 1, 5, 2 (without accent, 2,6,3)
He had been taken by a Con Artist.

7.       The Placebo Effect makes it very hard to determine if medications are actually doing any good. Often times patients get relief from their symptoms simply because they expect relief due to medication. To overcome this, some doctors have begun using what some say is an unethical way to treat patients. They actually have family members sneak the medication into the patient’s food, to see if there are results even when the patient does not know they are being medicated. This practice is known as a “blank blank.”

Letter count: 6,4 / 7,4

This is a sneaky way to treat patients.

8.       Although I like rock climbing, I am afraid of heights. I simply will not climb a wall more than 20 feet tall. So, before climbing, I have someone measure the height for me to see if it is in my “blank-blank blank.”
Letter count: 7, 6/ 5-2, 5

There is a minimum and maximum height I will climb.

9.       Recently Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the US Democrat Party presidential primary race. But some pollsters still have not taken him off their lists. Recently given a printed poll, I commented to the pollster “Oh, you still have blank blank blank blank blank.”

Letter count: 7, 6/ 4,2,4,1,3
How many contenders were in the Democratic ranks before Chafee dropped out? (ie, after Jim Webb dropped out but before Chafee dropped out.)

10.   I have been trying to become more fit, so I really notice how people look who do various exercises. I see that men who practice skulling are exceptionally fit. They have great body mass index,  upper body strength and torso shape. They develop steady pulse, low blood pressure and slow resting respiration. But due to my back injuries I cannot tolerate sculling. I really blank blank blank.

Letter count: 11/ 4, 6, 3

What is a more common name for sculling?

The answer assumes male participants.

I admire them and wish I could do it too.


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