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RR 789


Alex is the winner with 8 kills.

Chris got 5.

Bill got 4

Stan got 3.

Lars tried.

Gary was out of town and not playing.

Nobody else was heard from.



Once you discern the theme—yes, there is one—it should be easier to figure out the answers.


1 – The favorites keep winning the horse races.


Chalk a lot. (Chocolate) (“Chalk” = low-odds favorites in horserace parlance)


2 – A tinned letter of the alphabet that Tony Bennet consumed.


Canned “E” singer et (or ate). (Candy cigarette)


3 – The ‘30s mobster just acquired a weapon.


New gat. (Nougat)


4 – Does that vehicle belong to the Dreyfuss author?


Car Emile.(Caramel)


5 – Dad just lies around the house all day.


Loll-y Pop.


6 – I decorated the table for the 4:00 meal by encasing the edges in gathered material


Tea ruffles. (Truffles)


7 – The pig is crying.


Sow are bawl. (Sour ball)


8 – Discount supermarket gives ssistance and support in times of stress


Aldi succor. (All-day sucker)


9 – He reminds me of an early 20th century president.


Tafty. (Taffy)


10 – A very young Judy Garland falls to the floor.


Gumm drops. (Gumdrops.) (Garland's real name = Frances Gumm)


11 – Beat Notre Dame


Lick Irish. (Licorice.) (Notre Dame = “The fighting Irish”)

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I more or less understand the answers, but run the theme by me....


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