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I will echo Lars' comments on this being a fun set of puns - given my clueless start, once the hints arrived everything "clucked". Thanks Gary!

Re: #15 - my attempted "humerus" answer (before realizing the theme) was MORNING WOOD ( aka a boner ).
Which now has me thinking, given Pinocchio's erstwhile swelling digit, is there enough sawdust in him to extend both the nose AND his WOODCOCK?

(Paraphrasing an old Robin Williams line, in which he says, "God gave man enough blood to fill his brains or his cock; just not at the same time!")


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    An excellent, fun set.  Thanks!

    Your note about not being sure that some folks got the pun is the reason I usually insist on two answers for full credit.  In many cases the pun is obvious, but in some cases less so.  Requiring both answers makes sure that a guesser has gotten the full answer.

    Again, a fun set this week.  Thanks!




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As promised I have finally posted the answer sheet below. But before we go there, just a few more tidbits of information. Chris Gross came in late with yet two more kills which puts his tally even with Stan at 17. 

Of little real relevance to you but still impressive to me is the fact that this riddle had 6 active players who each eventually turned in a very respectable worksheet. 

The total number of correct guesses from all players was a whopping 105. Beyond this there were several players who submitted very plausible alternate guesses. I have parenthetically incorporated a few of these into the answer sheet in case Stan ends up turning this into a table game for the next Pun-Off in Oz Tin. 

Thank you all for a great tern-out and a fun few days of interaction. Watch for Feta Whey to post a similarly intriguing Rogue next week. Invite your friends! 

Harpie Owl-oween, 

Gary Hallock

* * * * * * * * THE LONG-AWAITED ROGUE RIDDLE #787 ANSWER SHEET * * * * * * * * *

1. - Black on the outside but white in the middle.
#### ORIOLE / OREO  - (Several suggested this could be a penguin but who really knows what they look like on the inside?

2. - Digital missive sent from one cow to another.
#### EMU / EMOO (This was a “gimme” designed to sucker in people who might otherwise not have played) 

3. - What residents of the Emerald City do on their knees in church.
#### OSPREY / OZ PRAY (Simple if you know the theme.) 

4. - A world famous soccer player is likely still able.
#### PELICAN / PELE CAN - (Side note: He just celebrated his 75th birthday!) 

5. - Shorthand term for the annual gathering of fans of the feathered friends.
#### FALCON / FOWL CON - (I think several people guessed this one correctly without really understanding the full pun I was intending) 

6. - A naked one might make the raven mad.
#### STORK / STARK - (I thought this one would be simple but it stumped most people longer than others.) (Jaybird was suggested by a few but that’s not nearly naked enough.)
7. - Although not flightless, it sounds like this one already beat a hasty retreat on foot.
#### WREN / RAN - (Another tricky one but most ended up getting it eventually) (ROAD RUNNER was offered as a nearly acceptable alternate)

8. - Even in the second story, this one flies higher than the attic is.
#### FINCH - (This one was deceptive in that the pun was actually in the set-up and not the answer) (Several alternates worthy of mention were ROO(F)STER, CHIMNEY SWALLOW, 

9. - What the angry mob might have to do to the grifter if the feathers don’t stick the first time.
#### PTARMIGAN / TAR ‘IM AGAIN - (Possibly the most obscure bird of this flock but most did guess it)

10. - Technical term for her Daddy taking the T-bird away.
#### CARDINAL / CAR DENIAL - (This one threw nearly everyone at first but most came around) (Someone suggested “Ground Hen, Grouse or Tanager/teenager”)

11. - What the vain bald man puts before going out.
#### HERON / HAIR ON - (This one was tougher than it should have been, possibly because the word “on” was missing from the set-up because it needed to be in the answer) (Potential alternates suggested were HARRIER and “WIG ON / WIGEON.”) 

12. - Just as it turned green, the traffic signal caught fire.
#### FLAMINGO / FLAMIN’ GO - (This one didn’t stop many people for long)

13. - What residents of the Emerald City do in the middle of the 7th inning.
#### OSTRICH / OZ STRETCH (Another bit of low-hanging fruit) 

14. - Can be easily spotted in a hookah lounge.
#### PUFFIN / PUFFIN’ - (This was surprisingly difficult for several people. A reasonable alternate offered by some was “PIPER”)

15. - Likely to be found in Pinocchio’s pants.
#### WOODCOCK, PEACOCK or WOODPECKER (Nobody hesitated to submit one or more of these alternates)

16. - What it was you never answered even though I rang you up several times.
#### MACAW / MY CALL (I think this was a tough one because it was so awkwardly worded.) 

17. - The reason nobody’s going to Hungary for Thanksgiving.
#### TURKEY (This one was another free bird) 

18. - If the union doesn't work, we'll have only this to go on.
#### SHRIKE / STRIKE (I thought it was a schtretch but most people worked it out.)
19. - This could be used instead of an emory bird.
#### SANDPIPER / SANDPAPER - (I stole this gag from Brian Oakley) 

20. - This originates on the mound but usually ends up at home.
#### PIGEON / PITCHIN’ - (Some suggested this could also be a SHRIKE) 

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Over nightingale several players took terns burning the midnight oriole into the kiwi hours. I awoke to a fresh stack this mourning dove new gooses from nearly everyone. From stork to finch this was aviary close contest. At first I thought Lars wood thrush through the entire list but to migrate surprise he was overtaken by a later rival who came on eagle-ly strong. When the ducks settled, Feta Whey had reached the gull first and claimed the prize, as sometimes the whippoorwill. I geese I canada post the answer sheet until this evening but meanwhile you can take a gander at the latest tallies below...

Feta W. - 20 Kills
Lars H. - 20 kills
Kirk M. - 18 kills
Stan K. - 17 kills
Nivi E. - 15 kills (earlier reported erroneously as 18) 
Chris G. - 15 kills
Bill C. - 0 guesses but encouraging words.

On Oct 27, 2015, at 12:56 AM, Gary Hallock gary@... [puny] wrote:

The past 6 hours have seen a few new players enter the game and some more surging from the original players. 

I have updated the clue page below by adding in letter counts. (These letter counts are for the actual unpunned bird name - not the punned version.)

Below are the current standings…

Nivi E. - 18 kills
Lars H. - 18 kills
Kirk M. - 15 kills
Stan K. - 15 kills
Feta W. - 15 Kills
Chris G. - 5 guesses but zero kills
Bill C. - 0 guesses but encouraging words.

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Good evening friends,

All riddle

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