I should be ashamed of this pun

Cynthia MacGregor

Our current president has a cousin, Albert, who cooks particularly good spareribs. He occasionally sends a batch over to the White House. Since he has mobility issues, he sends the ribs by messenger. To distinguish his messengers bearing packages of ribs from any imposter who might be trying to get into the White House with a suspicious package, Albert encircles the middle joint of the messenger's leg with a circular strip of metal. 
When he sent the latest batch of ribs over to his cousin, the president, the messenger was of course stopped at the entrance to the White House by a Secret Service guard whose name tag identified him as Joseph Taylor. When Taylor challenged the messenger to state his name and business and show some identification, the messenger pulled up his pants leg while stating, "I come from Al Obama, with a band, Joe, on my knee."


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