Rogue 781 Reveal and Bingo

bill crider

With only one correct guess, Jim Ertner is the winner of this week's rogue. I am waiting word back from him if he will be able to host next weekend. Answers below.

Rogue 781 

I lamb shear ewe wool all flock to this Rogue. I feel a bit sheepish that many of them are quite simple. But hopefully you will enjoy them.

As usual, do not 'reply all'. Send guesses to bill.crider at

1. As Dr. Doolittle was driving to a veterinary conference he got really tired. Baa-Baa the Ram said "Doc, let me drive for a while and you can get some rest." However, it was not long before Baa-Baa was pulled over, because he was obviously blank blank blank blank blank. 

A sheep at the wheel / asleep at the wheel

2. Like many ranchers in central Texas, Tex raised sheep, not cattle. Seeking to differentiate himself from all the other ranchers, he hit on the idea of including pigment in his sheep dip, so he could deliver colorful wool that saved textile manufacturers one step. He was very successful, and before long was known as the blank blank blank in Texas. 

the best lamb dyer in Texas / the best damn liar in Texas

3. Rameo and Eweliet were quite a couple, but Rameo had trouble expressing his feelings. Eweliet got frustrated with his lack of communication and decided to separate from him for a while so he could think about their relationship. She travelled to an island where only females were allowed to separate herself from all rams. Distraught, Rameo swam to the island and finally expresse his love verbally. Eweliet was ecstatic, saying "I never thought you would never  get to blank blank blank." 

Isle of Ewe / I Love You

4. Unlike Chicken Little, who only thought the sky was falling, Dolly sheep freaked out at almost anything. When the wind blew, she was sure it was a tornado. If a train rattled the windows, she ran in circles screaming "Earthquake." The other animals got tired of this, earning Dolly the nickname "The blank blank." 

The Panic Mutton / The Panic Button

5. What is the sheep's name for the shearer? Blank Blank  

Bah Bah / barber

6. Ship's mascot's such as parrots or monkeys are common on pirate ships. But one unusual crew adopted a lamb. The captain insisted on naming it "Carnival" because it was the blank blank. 

Crew's Sheep / Cruise Ship

7. Seeing Tex's success with sheep, other ranchers began experimenting. One hit upon the idea of genetically modifying cows so they produced a wool-like fur. Producers of real wool objected that cow's hair could not ethically be marketed as wool because it did not come from sheep. But the ranchers replied "blank blank blank blank blank. " 

All's wool that ends wool / All's well that ends well

8. As in most of the animal kingdom, males are faster runners than females. But one female sheep was much more athletic than all the males, and became a popular competitor at the sheep Olympics. As a fan favorite, when she competed with men in track events, the others all yelled "blank blank, blank!" 

Ewe go, girl! / You go, girl!

9. Chatting with the sheep dog, Dolly the sheep commented that recently she itched a lot more than in the past. Rover replied, "Obviously, blank blank blank.". 

You have fleece / you have fleas

10.  Part of the flock escaped from the shepherd and formed a new flock in the wild. One ram was disappointed his son did not have the courage to join them. But eventually he worked up the courage and also escaped to join his family. His father was pleased, explaining to the rest of the flock "blank a blank blank the blank blank." 

He's a sheep off the old flock / He's a chip off the old block

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