Re: Rogue 774 - Bingo and Reveal

bill crider

Doug Spector and Gary Hallock each got 5 correct answers. Doug's came in first, so I am going to declare him the winner.

Here are the answers:

1. What the doctor did after the track star's surgery. - Sony/ sew knee
2. What happens when I take a laxative - IBM / I bowel movement
3. What they got in the kitchen when the large vat of meat sauce spilled - JVC /Gravy Sea
4. How the Hobbits learned of the situation at Isengard - Intel / Ent Tell
5. How people in Chicago travel to the Loop - Dell / the el
6. How you let your spouse get lots of stuff into your luggage - Hewlett Packard / You let pack hard
7. What you take to get well - Apple / a pill
8. What is desired by ladies who take collagen injections - Philips / full lips
9. What might happen when a man is no longer excited by a woman - Microsoft / might grow soft
10. What your proctologist told you to do - Lenovo / Lean over
11. To whom did Solomon show his treasures? - Toshiba / to sheeba
12. What happens when you are depressed? Fujitsu / fugue gets you
13. How you act when you don't want to be noticed. Casio /Casual
14. What might you call it if your ears hurt after hearing an airplane break the sound barrier? Panasonic / pain o' sonic
15. What the usher in a theatre gives you if you talk loudly. Asus / a shush
16. What else did the piano player in Casablanca do? Samsung / sam sung
17. "How did the race car driver die, Dad?" Ericsson / he wreck, son
18. Where does salt water pour into a canal? Seagate / sea gate
19. What do you use to get into Sarah's apartment? Kyocera / Key o' Sarah
20. In dictatorships, foreign aid goes less to people and blank blank blank. Motorola / more to ruler

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