Rogue 774

bill crider

Rogue Riddle #774

Some of these are extremely easy and some are likely to stump everyone. As is often the case, discovering the theme will make it much easier.

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Whoever gets the most by Tuesday morning is the winner.

1. What the doctor did after the track star's surgery. 

2. What happens when I take a laxative.

3. What they got in the kitchen when the large vat of meat sauce spilled.

4. How the Hobbits learned of the situation at Isengard.

5. How people in Chicago travel to the Loop.

6. How you let your spouse get lots of stuff into your luggage.

7. What you take to get well.

8. What is desired by ladies who take collagen injections. 

9. What might happen when a man is no longer excited by a woman.

10. What your proctologist told you to do. 

11. To whom did Solomon show his treasures?

12. What happens when you are depressed?

13. How you act when you don't want to be noticed.

14. What might you call it if your ears hurt after hearing an airplane break the sound barrier? 

15. What the usher in a theatre gives you if you talk loudly.

16. What else did the piano player in Casablanca do? 

17. "How did the race car driver die, Dad?" 

18. Where does salt water pour into a canal?

19. What do you use to get into Sarah's apartment?

20. In dictatorships, foreign aid goes less to people and blank blank blank.

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