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joseph h

On 14/04/2015 12:50 PM, Cynthia MacGregor cynthia@... [puny] wrote:
Typically on the occasion of PUNY's yearly anniversary--which today is--I post something funny to commemorate the occasion.

Today, for a change, I'm gonna go all serious on you.

Participation on PUNY has dropped off radically. We're not getting new members and, what's worse, we're not getting NEARLY as much participation as before from our core group of punsters.

Participation in the riddles is pathetic, the Saturday Lim-Ber games don't draw like they used to, and the ad hoc riddling--the spontaneous threads, one-off puns, and the like--is minimal.


Despite GH's desire to keep non-punny posts off PUNY, I think we need to open up a serious discussion here. PUNY's very future depends on it!

Answers welcome on the following:

~~ Why is each of u not participating as much as b4?

Lars has made sound points, so anything I put is additional, not competing. My experience is that things run in cycles; the downside often being the wake up call to re-invigorating. Each of us can outline specifics, as Lars has done, and even that often hides complexes difficult to describe.

~~ What can we do to encourage each of u to play more? New games? Something else different? Drop the riddles? (Are they played out?)

While rules of some sort are necessary, there was a bout of criticisms relating to several different areas. Whether justified or not, these are inevitably dampers. Free form anything needs to be exactly that; spontaneous, accepted and responded to or added to.

I do not suggest any action on this, but a turn off for me on a thread is when it  becomes vulgar [to offer English understatement]. While it is common for today's comedians to rely on seamy comments, I always had the view that those who turned to it had exhausted their humour. For me it is the cheap laugh/embarrassment. It is the difference between open groups and small social or work ones.

~~ Any other ideas?


While there is a lot of punning on the web, and elsewhere, focus is essential to make any part successful in itself. I think the creation of a Facebook page, and encouragements to use it, has split energies. This may be inevitable, given the butterfly nature of the web, but thought about this is necessary.

As in business, a falling of often leads to mergers. Limericks and Haiku has also shown much reduced activity recently, and the division of discussion to pun-amok prevents the smnoothness fo social interaction - or perhaps its full effects .

I think it worth considering the merging of the three lists. Many of us belong to all three, or to two, already; so the effect is to make a more social group, where ideas can spark, and discussions be part of the fare. A list with greater activity will also be likely to get noticed and attract others to join.


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