Re: The Doctor is In

James Ertner

What do you call a doctor specializing in arthritis who was evicted from his boarding house?

No room-at-all ogist.


    What about the spirited oral surgeon's assistant?  The dental hijinks-ist?

     Or the deaf nurse who kept repeating herself in sign language?  Would she be called a regestured nurse?

    What about the foot doctor who really couldn't write his reports very well?  Would he be called a po' diarist?

    Or the cancer doctor who kept his patients "on a short leash?"  Would he be called an on-collar-ist?

    Or the women's doctor who became a medical examiner who specialized in male forensic medicine?  Could she be called a guy necrologist?



On Mar 20, 2015 8:46 AM, "Cynthia MacGregor cynthia@... [puny]" <puny@...> wrote:

What would u call the foot trouble incurred by a gardener in the spring?

Planter fasciitis

Cyn - leaving the house in 5 mins but will rejoin the fun when I return

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What would you call the dental specialist who works on the mouth of our former Texas Governor? A Perry-odontist. 

What would you call a doctor who never goes off duty?  An on-call-o-gist

And what would you call the doctor who works on your Aunt’s husband?  An Unk-ologist

Gary Hallock


An ENT who flubs a procedure? An onolaryngologist

A primary who never cuts in line in the cafeteria? An inturnist.


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What would one call a bunch of skin doctors?  A pack o' derms?

    How about a building dedicated to heart doctors?  A house o' cards?  

    And their entertainment area out back?  A deck o' cards?


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