FIRE delay

James Ertner

If you’ve got the thyme, I’ve got the inclination.


What do you expect, Stan?  After all, the New Year is a cumin in!



This thread is getting a bit too spicy for me. 



Speaking of old aunt Zyne below, every New Year's Eve at midnight one hears the same old cliche melody.
It just Burns me up.

And why are we reminded of the personification of increasing old age, you know, that spicy old guy called Father Thyme?



My old aunt's sign was Neo - and she wasn't lyin'.

Your aunts are my friends, Sorry to hear about your loss.of Anna. How’s your old aunt Zyne?



I used to have an Aunt Anna, but she was never on TV.

Gary R.


On top of a flat panel TV there is no room to put a bowl. They don't even have an antenna anymore.



There was an old punster named Stan,
Who had the next riddle in hand.
But going on now, you see,
Are parties, plus bowls on TV.
So next Tuesday the FIRE it will land.



With all day Bowl games this week as well as New Years Eve activities tomorrow and New Years Day Thursday, and the lack o f participation in the Rogue Riddles the past two weeks, I feel it is wise to extend the vacation from the FIRE Riddles to Tuesday, January 6th. I will post it early next Tuesday morning.


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