Pillow Talk

James Ertner

And then there’s the familiar story in the Book of Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach, and To-bed-we-go.




If you keep a bedpan under the bed for nighttime use and hold it beneath mattress level you can pee low.


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There's an old theory that back in Biblical days, they had two beds, one above the other, that form one unit but that's been recently debunked.
Doug S.

As far as committing mattress-ide, you’re all quilt-y as charged.



This whole thread has been a lot of bunk. Time to spread it out a little and blanket the subject. It doesn’t matter if you’re a king or even a twin.


Back in the Middle Ages, some beds were made of iron and very heavy weighing as much as a futons. 
Doug S.
A big vote of thanks to Doug for innerspring this thread. Even though it ran hammock all day, I really got cot up in it. I found it quite comfortering. 

Gary Hallock

Joseph & Gary, Nice to see both spread this topic. And here I thought I was the only bed witter.
Doug S

I felt a bit sleepy when you sprung this one on me. Still, let me bolster your understandings before I rest my case. Damn. I have just dropped my toupee onto the rug - now it looks like a mat tress.

I recall going before a panel to see if I was going to run a school. I wasn't quite sure who were asking the questions, until they told me they were the Head Board. Happily I saw the chairman make a big tick. 

Little did I know when they found my fingerprints on the metal bar that was the murder weapon I'd never seen, that it was an iron frame. 

The old 17th century man told me of a nightmare he had. He said it made him thrash about as he thought he was drowning at sea. When he woke up he found he'd destroyed his bed, because he was clutching at straws.


I wouldn’t bet an old “can o’pee on that.


If we get just one more comment we will have a four poster. 

Gary Reeves

I'll bed there's more to this story. Probably Doug's sales pitch was too aggressive and he was charged with aiding in a bedding.  

Also there's some chance that the boss warned him about this many time but he ignored him. Likely he even lost the threat count. 

Doug's boss died under mysterious circumstances and even the hospital corner was unable to uncover the truth. 

I would offer yet another quip but I'd bedder not. That would make me a four poster.

Gary Hallock


I once worked for a popular bed company, I won't mention any names but let's just say it was something like Mattress Giant. Anyway, I got fired for sleeping on the job. Well, I wasn't one to take that lying down; so I told my boss he wasn't the comforter I thought, that he was full of sheet and that he couldn't fire me 'cause I quilt on my own!
Doug Spector

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