Water Riddles

James Ertner

Q: What did Napoleon ask his friend Louis when he was thirsty?

A: “Do you have any water, Lou?”


Okay, Joseph, queue in the loo puns!




What do you call the British habit of stroking their pound notes with their tongue?
Lick quid.



This string is getting silly.  I'll brook no further nonsense.



Yes, I drought we’re river going to run so dry of 4 letter F-words. That would be taking it to ex-streams. 
Gary Hallock 
If we river get to that.
I agree with wet Charles said. We should just wait and go with the FLOW. 

Gary Hallock
Alex, water you want to send these riddles out now?  They would make a good F-series later.


Where is the sea?
Between the "B" and "D".

What do you call a female plumber?

What is a synonym for water?
"Should". As in the phrase, "I water do it, because its good for me."


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