No Rule Riddle bingo

James Ertner

Lars and Bill have both answered the riddle. The state, of course, is …

#### OKRAhoma.

If my understanding of the rules is correct, either Lars or Bill (or anyone else) may now submit another “No Rule Riddle.”

In what U.S. state did the immigrant Japanese farmer raise a certain vegetable that is used especially in soups or stews?


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Stan bingoed with "he raised Cain" (cane).  Anyone can post one.  No rules.

PS:  Old joke from high school.  Cain hated his brother only as long as he was able (Abel).


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When Adam and Eve's two sons were orphaned by their parents' deaths, how do we know that the person who adopted one of the boys was also a farmer?



Jim, Cyn, Lars & Charles W. all correctly answered SEED MONEY

There are no rules as who should post another riddle or when, BINGOers or not.



After purchasing the land, what is the next thing a farmer would require to start an apple orchard?


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