FIRE Riddles

James Ertner

Joseph, maybe there will be a few more post-Guy Fawkes bonfires burning this weekend to fire you up. 😉


So it'll be a cold weekend then?


My error. I meant to say Tuesday morning but forgot to. I didn’t mean to start the series Friday morning.



= = = = = = = = = = =

Did this happen yet? 

I’m ready, aim, FIRE!

Gary Hallock


The next F= Series of riddles will be the FIRE Riddles for your FAVORITE INDIVIDUAL RAVAGING EVENTS.

This gives us the option of multiple area which will be on topic including but not limited to the elements, catrastrophes, personalities, jobs & job problems, funerals, pipes, guns, circuses and many others you can relate to fire.

I will try to post FIRE Riddle #1 at about midnight Central Time or as soon as possible after that to get started on the first week of the FIRE Riddles. I hope this gives you enough time to prepare riddles for our new series.


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