Re: FAST #32

Stan Kegel

My problem is how to handle the archives. Unless I have any objections, I am going to call Chris’ riddle FAST Riddle #32, Charles’ #33 & Lar’s coming riddle on Tuesday #34. and we can forget for now that 32 & 33 occurred on Saturday in confusion. Let it just be a lesson for all of us.

But let’s try to keep the F*** rules on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and not star posting Fs, Rogues or anything else whenever we like and not get bogged down by the rules as Charles suggests. 


On Aug 31, 2014, at 4:15 AM, chasmwuk@... [puny] <puny@...> wrote:

I agree that things may be moving too fast, but then, isn't that what "fast" means?  But seriously, I got the answer correct, not knowing that Doug and Stan had beaten me to the punch.  Anyway, it seems that Lars will post #33, so we're back on track.  And as I've said before, the purpose of this list serve is to have fun.  Getting bogged down in rules, e.g., on which day a certain type of riddle can go out, what's the precise definition of a pun, etc., can take the enjoyment out of it.  



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