Lim-Ber Your Mind # 344 COMPLETED

Cynthia MacGregor

Your challenge for Lim-Ber Your Mind # 344 was:

Craft a lim whose 3 rhyming lines end with any 3 of these 5:

yeah, sure

The entries:

She no longer takes joy in the measure
Of the length of my once massive treasure.
Replaced by soft tissue,
My ED's an issue
My wife calls, "Erectile Displeasure."


The way that you measure your pleasure
Depends if you treasure your leisure.
If leisure won't measure
Then yeah, sure, come treasure
At leisure my pleasurous measure.


My toy I will always treasure
It's a source of constant pleasure
My pet rabbit can
Outdo any man
Giving me thrills beyond measure

Val Fish

When they're put in a pie for good measure,

Eating strawberries gives me much pleasure.

            Underneath the whipped cream

            Is the stuff of a dream.

So I savor my red berried treasure.


Kirk Miller

When seeking the utmost in pleasure,
I look for a way to find treasure.
I see it as leisure,
But some might say, "Yeah, sure,"
Which I take, with a salt-grained measure!

Chris Gross

Few women will feel sexual pleasure;
'Cause their mate can't uncover their "treasure";
It is hidden in back
Of the visible crack;
But we guys just give up and say, "yeah, sure!"

Chris Gross

In truth I do not take much pleasure
In forming my poem's every measure
To suit needs of Cynthia
Think she's got it in f' ya?
Am I a big grump? Oh yeah, sure!

Gary Hallock

And the winner is Gary

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