FAST Riddle #19 bingo: the final chapter

James Ertner

And now for the rest of the story! Assuming that the correct answer was “Breakfast of Champiñónes,” but knowing that I wouldn’t have time to play last evening, I submitted “Breakfast of Champignons" to Gary -- figuring that he would come back and say I had the wrong language (thereby getting me off the hook). Well, I figured wrong, since Gary was also under a time constraint and asked me to announce the bingo for him. Kind of ironic.



 The bingo announcement came from Jim, not me so the spelling was his. Still, the fault is mine for not thoroughly researching the word or the spelling. I know very few French but several Spanish ones. I am certain that I have seen/eaten mushroom related items in Mexican restaurants that appeared on the menu as “champignons” or some spelling variant. Yes, being derived from French, I suppose it would have been better, more correct, to cite the athlete as French. 

As they say in Spain, "May I gulpa!”

Gary Hallock
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    Fast and loose hardly describes it!

    The Spanish comes directly from the French champignon.  Check your Velasquez.

    The announced bingo did not use the Spanish spelling, but used the French spelling.

    Bad cuing, it still seems to me.




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Champiñón is Spanish for a particular type of mushroom. "champignons" is therefore technically an incorrect answer as it is French. The breakfast of Champiñónes is the correct answer. Like the title of this F series, Gary is playing fast and loose here. El champiñón común se llama en latin agaricus bisporus.



Yes, "champignons" is a French word, not a Spanish word.
    Definitely a miscue for anyone who knows either language (or both!).
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But isn't "champignons" French?

Isn't the Spanish "hongos"?


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Gary just told me I got the answer, but he’s rushed and asked me to post the bingo. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play this evening, so I’ll post #20 on Tuesday morning.

And the answer is …

He thought it was a Breakfast of Champignons (Champions).

Gary Hallock

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