ready to post the F-Riddle but haven't seen a Bingo notice on the Rogue yet

James Ertner

Since so few people are playing “the Rogue” lately, it’s almost a moot issue.





    In addition, the F-riddles are intended to be "quick hits," to be solved quickly, unlike the Rogues, which are meant to be more challenging.  Different riddle types entirely.

    Two trends seem to have converged of the late:

    First, the rate at which the F-riddles are being solved, which in the past has run as high as 6 to 8 per day or more, has decidedly fallen off.  This means the F-riddles are playing much more slowly than in the past.

    Creating riddles which are of the "correct" degree of difficulty and ingenuity is more of an art, than a science.  Thus meeting the "ideal" is a challenge.

    Second, the Rogue riddles used to begin on Saturday morning,  leaving solvers the weekend to work them through.  With several Sunday starts, and occasionally a late Sunday afternoon start, there simply is not time to get through most Rogues by end of day Monday.  For this reason Rogues now seem to be running until Tuesday evening quite regularly.

    As for degree of difficulty and ingenuity,  the same factors -- though not the same goals! -- as for the F-riddles apply.  It is difficult to create a "good" Rogue Riddle with just the right degree of difficulty to end "on time," and yet just the right allure to attract players. 

    Third, if there is real interest in the Rogue Riddle, then the host of the Rogue should be able to extend the play without worrying about the F-riddles being affected.

    However, because F-riddles and Rogue Riddles are so very different in nature and in degree of difficulty, it seems to me there is no problem with having them overlap.

    Finally, some people play F-riddles rather than Rogues, and vice versa, or they have a preference for one over the other,  so the two series do not really "collide" if they overlap.

    It seems to me the best approach here is simply to run F-riddles as scheduled without regard to whether or not the Rogue Riddle is still in play.

    The two riddle types are rightly independent of each other, and should be treated as such.  At least, that has been my understanding of the two series from the beginning.

    Just a few thoughts on the matter . . . .




On Jul 29, 2014 7:13 AM, "Stanley Kegel stankegel@... [puny]" <puny@...> wrote:

I thought we had settled it, but it pops up again and again. Last week Gary didn’t post the F- Riddle until Wednesday afternoon which I think is wrong. Tuesday through Thursday are supposed to be for the F- Riddles. One of the reasons The Rogues can start on Saturday now is they will be less likely to go into The F- Riddle time with the Rogues. Some of us do look forward to playing The F- Riddles on Tuesday Morning. 

On Jul 29, 2014, at 3:31 AM, Cynthia MacGregor cynthia@... [puny] <puny@...> wrote:

I prefer to adhere to our tradition of not posting the F riddle till the Rogue is down.

Alex is 4casting 10:30 or so. Surely nothing is harmed by delaying the F-riddle till then.


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With the Rogue sometimes continued to Wednesday or Thursday, F- posts should start Tuesday morning whether or not the rogue is finished.


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I will announce it later today.


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Alex -

Did u post a Bingo notice on the Rogue and I missed it? Or have u yet to post it? The F Riddle is queued up and ready to launch once the Rogue is down.


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