Belief Systems

James Ertner

 Ol’ Franz Josef once wrote a few pieces while visiting India. It was during his Haydn Sikh period.


Speaking of seeking:

My friend, a classical music aficionado, got hung up for a while on the works of one particular composer and haunted all the music outlets for works by Franz Josef H. He called that time in his life his "Haydn Seek Period."


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Like Alan below (a good variation on an oldie, i.e., his "sex/sect" pun), I also sometimes indulge in the spirit of adventure.  In my case, however, I decided to seek the truth in the Indian religions.  Did Hinduism hold the truth?  Or was it one of the smaller religions.  I asked a holy man and he merely said "Sikh and ye shall find!"


Abuse this word: Judicious

Of all the judicious, my favorites are chopped liver, nova salmon, and stuffed derma


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I was making fun of a member of the Unification Church when he lost his temper, dropped his pants, and moonied me.


If resurrection last longer than four hours, consult an exorcist. 

Gary Hallock


In a spirit of adventure, I have been looking into various current Christian belief systems.  These include the Catholics, Lutherans,  Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Pentecostals, among others.

 Suddenly, it came to me that I should visit the doctor to ask if my heart is strong enough for sects.
Combs, Alan B.

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