FSST Riddle #57 bingo

James Ertner

Roar is a pun on “rare.” “Medium rare” is a way of cooking meat.

I’ve never heard of the term “blood rare.” To me, it’s always been either rare, medium rare, medium well, or well done. TV, of course, is a medium that is rarely well done.


I agree, Stan.  How does the "medium" in "medium roar" tie in with lions?  However, both "blood" and "roar" certainly do.  On the other hand, since the lions in the pun like their meat cooked, I guess blood raw is an oxymoron.  Oxymoron?  Is that a mentally deficient high school grad who somehow got into England's most prestigious university?

I thought my answer of BLOOD ROAR was better, but it was sent to Jim after the BINGO was announced but before I saw it.

The I-realize-I-should-wait-until-Tuesday-to-post-the-next-F-riddle-but-I’ll-be-leaving-Tuesday-morning-for-two-weeks-in-San-Diego-and-will-only-be-checking-email-once-a-day-on-my-wife’s-iPad FSST Riddle #57
How do lions like their meat cooked?
Cyn, the chef, quickly knew that lions like their meat cooked …

#### medium roar.

Rest up for the weekend and await Cyn’s posting of #58 on Tuesday morning.

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