Re: Title tattle

joseph h

A couple of friends, Denning and Worsley, are farmers. they were fed up getting ripped off by tinners [*tins* not cans, dammit], so they set up their own factory to tin their vegetables. They argued for a long time over the name to use, almost having a fist fight. Finally they agreed on the first test product, Worden peas.

Joseph Harris

A gun that looks like it's seen a lot of action is a worn piece.


= = = = =

There was an article in the newspaper about the habitat of rabbits. It was a warren piece.


My one-time friend Warr (an odd man even if his name has four letter) 
seemed a contented and happily married fellow. But there was sometimes a 
slightly shifty look in his eye. One day he faced investigation for some 
trifling matter or other involving the odd cracked skull. It was found 
he had a mistress [on the side as is often said with superfluity - messy 
to wipe up]. The following morning the paper headline said "Warr and a 

Joseph Harris

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