Re: World Cup punning

joseph h

As you know, Spain reintroduced its Royal Family. So I blame the reign in Spain. I do hope that's plain.

Pre the Armada, Drake led a bunch of buccaneers to Spain to set light to the Armada being built. It was known as Singeing the King of Spain's Beard. I'm sure England heads the list, but Holland must now be high in the ranking as a Low Country.

Private Eye, our satire fortnightly, produced what must be one of its best, and to an Englishman funniest, covers. It pictures the English team descending from the plane in Brazil, with the pilot leaning out of his window and asking "Shall I keep the engine running?"

Charles, I imagine your Brit friend was tight lipped about the chances for England. As an expert he will know the score.

Joseph Harris

I e-mailed a British friend (and a big soccer fan - although that's redundant) about Spain's blow-out loss to the Netherlands yesterday.

I said it was probably Spain's most humiliating moment since the Armada.  He e-mailed me back:

"The Sun", a famous tabloid newspaper recently did some historical headlines in the style of the newspaper (if it had existed at the time). One went as follows:  THE HARDER THEY COME ARMADA THEY FALL


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