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OK, sorry!  Morris dancing is an ancient English folk dance often accompanied by the dancers hitting
one another's sticks or holding objects and interlocking them with those of other dancers.


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I was not challenging whether it was a pun. I was merely asking what it was a pun ON.

I take it from your reply that the target phrase is also "Morris dancing"? Is that correct?

Pardon my ignorance. It's a totally new term to me.


Here again we get into the endless debate as to what constitutes a pun.  A word with two meanings is,
in my humble opinion, a pun.  We have Morris as in the name of a famous cat.  We also have Morris as
in "Morris folk dancing."  Now I'd have to research the etymology of "Morris" in the folk dancing sense,
but it definitely has nothing to do with Morris the cat.

Take, for example, this oldie:

A woman is pushing her toddler in a stroller and bumps into an old friend.
Friend:  Is that your little boy?
Woman:  Yes, that's him.
Friend:  How old is he?
Woman:  Six months.
Friend:  Is he a good boy?
Woman:  Yes.
Friend:  Is she spoiled?
Woman:  No, he always smells that way.

"Spoiled" has two obvious meanings here:  a) rotten, sour   b) undisciplined



I'm lost. What is Morris dancing a pun on? I realize I was meowing up the wrong tree by trying to work out an answer that involved "Felix." (The other famous cat who came to my mind besides Felix was the Cheshire cat.) But what in the world is "Morris dancing" a pun on?

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Gary bingoes with Morris Dancing and will host FSST #2.


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Lars and Joseph have both bingoed, but neither cares to host.  I'll keep the riddle open until I get both a correct answer and a willingness to host FSST #2.

FSST riddle #1:  If a famous cat decided to try his hand at English folk dancing, what type of dancing might he engage in?
Send your meows and purrs to chasmwuk@....

Hint #1:  (actually two hints for the price of one)   This famous feline, having finished off a big dish of 9Lives cat food, might say "bring me a stick and I'll work off some of these calories by doing some folk dancing."


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