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Measure for measure - Measure for Measure
Tight as Andronicus - Titus Andronicus
Julius sieze her - Julius Caesar
Mid summer night's dream - Mid Summer Night's Dream {?}


On 05/05/2014 14:50, Lars Hanson wrote:

    No guesses yet, even though it is clear that at least one person likely has a successful approach to this week's rogue riddle.

    Herewith Clue Set #1:
  • Look at the comments by our Leerless Feeder - clearly he is on the scene and getting into the act.  But, then, he is entitled.
  • The appropriate date to have released this rogue would have been on the 23rd of April.
  • The writing's not the thing here -- the play's the thing.
  • At times like this one wisheth Anne would play, as marry she hath a way about her.


    Our Learless Feater (one who can perform aerobatic stunts without a jet) has indeed spotted an error in the set-up:  There was an extraneous "to" in the last sentence.  That has been corrected in the text below.  The last sentence should read:

It quickly became apparent that the innocent young woman indeed had been pawed, an embarrassing act which might well be called BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK.

    My apologies for the error.

    It appears more than likely that Sir Gary of Hallock has already solved most of this week's rogue, though he has yet to submit his worksheet.  We shall see.





    Returned to the keyboard a little over an hour ago to find no guesses as of yet.

    Some administrivia:
  • Gary asked whether the BLANK counts are correct -- they have been rechecked and they are.  The sentences also have been rechecked - there are no typographical errors in the set-up that I can see.
  • The BLANKS refer to words in the punned phrase, not in the original.
  • For each answer (five in all), to get full marks one needs both the punned phrase and the original phrase.
  • The Rogue will run until Tuesday evening, when the answers shall be revealed.
  • The laurels will be awarded to whomever is first to answer al the questions correctly, or, if no one has done so, to whomever has the highest marks Tuesday evening,



    This week’s Rogue Riddle is in honor of the coming Pun-Off , an Austin-tatious happening in Texas, a Hallmock event which Garys forward a fine linguistic tradition.   Although this Rogue is perhaps a week-and-a-half late with its theme, the play should be fun.



Rogue Riddle #714 

The Toga Party


    It began as a typical college party, the erudite scholars all arriving dressed in what has been perceived to be traditional Roman garb.  As so often happens when the wine flows freely, things quickly got out of hand.  In particular, several participants began trying to outdrink one another, matching each other BLANK BLANK BLANK.  In the end, the “Roman Emperor” won.  In fact, of the “Victorious Warrior” one might truly note that none was as BLANK BLANK BLANK.  Of course, drunken revelry hardly ever induces good behavior, as a voluptuous young innocent newcomer was to learn.


    Clearly all the lads had been excited by the young damsel’s appearance, particularly by her figure evident even beneath her toga, and their excitement showed.  Even the most cursory examination revealed that BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK.   It was not long before the damsel shrieked loudly, and claimed she had just been groped by the Roman Emperor.  While he denied it vehemently, too many others stepped forward to say they saw BLANK BLANK BLANK.  It quickly became apparent that the innocent young woman indeed had been pawed, an embarrassing act which might well be called BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK.



    Please DO NOT HIT REPLY, but act now and scenes your guesses directly to the author at:








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