Re: Daffynition (Abridrged & Restarted)

gary hallock

Dead sea scrolls - What I'm starting to feel when I click open the
latest message in this thread. Can we start over fresh tomorrow?


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Minute: What Mom Gingrich calls her boy

Hour: Belongs to you and me

Days: Gary's state after reading a log thread

Week: Gary after a long thread


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Awry.....When I went into the bakery for sliced bread the clerk asked
me if I
wanted pumpernickel awry.

Bagels...a slightly different species of bird than the ocean type..

Bialy...For Halloween I'll be the princess, you bialy ba ba



Pioneers: Result of custard smashed to the face during a movie food



Lindy - As in, "I'm short $20 for my mortgage payment. Can you lindy
to me till next Tuesday?"



Portion - Ignoring the needy

Exit poll - An very risky stunt performed by Mr. Dumpty.

Gary Hallock

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Crapshoot - A poor-quality device for breaking your fall when you jump from
a plane.


Monkey business - Brothers at the abbey make extra bucks at locksmithing.

Gary Hallock

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