RR #277 (The answer revealed)

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #277 - October 9, 2005

I've prepared a fairly traditional Rogue Riddle
for you this week. It's traditional in that it's
a straight-forward riddle with an single answer
and no extra gyrations but it's "roguish" in that
it's complex and multi-punned. Enjoy!


There is a mother superior who is an active
crusader against abortion. She was asked to
deliver a speech explaining her philosophy and
agenda to a large group of people. Unfortunately
she suffers from a bit of dyslexia so it's not
surprising that the text of her presentation
would contain some fairly unconventional (pun
intended) spellings. She was in the habit (pun
intended) of printing up a draft copy to submit
to her proof reader before printing up the
finished text. Thus the title of her working
draft was preceded by a single word that served
as a warning to potential readers that the
content was still likely to be a bit confusing or

She had this draft script printed and sent it to
the proofreader but it was somehow lost and
coincidentally fell into the hands of a
government arms negotiator. Don't ask me why or
how this happened but this atomic diplomat also
suffered from a similar reading/writing disorder
so some confusion was inevitable. Glancing at the
title of her script, he understandably mistook it
for a document that related to his own work so he
sent it to the president for his consideration.

What was the enigmatic title of this document that confused him so?

_______ ___ ___-____ _______ ________ (7/3/3/4/7/8)

Clue #1 - I've had an absolutely overwhelming
dearth of responses to this riddle. Too much to
read? Shame on me for trying to entertain you.
Perhaps it would help if I boiled the story down
to just the essential elements. Find substitutes
for the key words I've avoided using and string
them together to reveal the answer.

In preparation for a verbal presentation a
dyslexic Catholic sister writes a summary of her
views opposing abortion. Preceding her
descriptive title, she includes a single word to
warn the proofreader that her message may yet be
somewhat obscured. Somehow a dyslexic diplomat
gets hold of it and is confused by the title. He
mistakes it for an important document relating to
arms control negotiations. How did he
misinterpret it?

(Hint: It's not a famous adage, song title or
cliché, just a phrase you should recognize.)


BINGO NOTICE! - I don't believe there are any rules here that bar an
off-list player from claiming a riddle and this is exactly what has
happened. When I saw how few guessers I was entertaining last night,
I forwarded a copy the riddle to the reigning O.Henry Pun-Off champ,
Brian (Snider) Oakley. He followed up with a barrage of increasingly
successful stabs which eventually found my bleeding heart.

I've just informed Brian of his kill and of the awesome
responsibilities involved. He seems to think he's up to posting his
own riddle next week and I will give him a crash course in how it's
done. If it turns out he's unable to come through, runner-up position
goes to GReeves whose valiant stabs were also destined to mortally
wound this one.

Clue #2 - Dyslexia doesn't play a large role in this riddle. It only
allowed me to twist that first word in a clever way but it seems to
have slowed many of you down, I'm sorry that was UNCLEAR. The
original title of the NUN's TREATISE, however, was very sloppily
worded and probably wouldn't make much sense unless you were also
dyslexic. (There, I've just offered you three of the target words.)

The answer you're all on puns and needlessly awaiting was...

#### UNCLEAR NUN PRO-LIFE ORATION TREATISE (Nuclear non-proliferation

Thank you for playing.


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