Re: A-rack-nophobia

gary hallock

My boss was putting the finishing touches on some office
rearrangement, when he asked me to help him move the coat
rack. When we were done, he said, "What? No pun?" To which
I answered (after about a five-second delay [which is
probably why I've never entered the High Lies and Low Puns

"I'll have to rack my brain. I feel caught between a rack
and a hard place. Before getting this office straightened
out, things were going from rack to ruin. But now we're
ready to rack and roll."

Jim Ertner
I rackon that probably satisfied him.

I'm sure you'll be telling many stories about the day you
moved that coat hanger and took the rack on tour.

Seems like some sort of scam or racket to me.

Alan C
To the best of my rack collection nobody has ever accumulated
many of those coat hangers.

If one accumulates several of those coat hangers and arranges
them on the ground in a four-sided figure, then it would be a racktangle.

Jim E
Don't place them too close together or you will almost
certainly have a rack tangle. I suppose the same thing could
happen to Dolly Parton when she has trouble brushing her hair
and the wig falls down onto her chest.



Speaking of Dolly Parton, after her breast reduction she began
singing "Rack-a-bye baby."



Shedding clothes on the way to the sack,
Something close looked a bit out of whack.
So I said, "Tell me, dear,
That's a custom brassiere,
And not something you grabbed off the rack."

-- Bob

What did the Spoonerism-prone chef say when he was making for dinner, after
complaining about his shortage of computer memory?

A lack of RAM.


Send me some Robitussin for this wracking cough.



Speaking of ram'n'Dolly, it seems that Ms Parton was feeling a bit jittery one day and started shaking uncontrollably. Seems she really was a nervous rack.


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