FINK RIDDLE #50 (Swearing off)

gary hallock

The halfway-home-but-don't-get-complacent-just-yet-FINK RIDDLE #50


The owner of a clothing store had a new sign painted on his window
one eveing and arrived at work the following morning to discover a
crowd of guys congregating outside his building. "Wow," he thought.
"That new sign on the window is really attracting attention." As he
approached the door to unlock it, he heard this large group of
fellows muttering and grumbling. They didn't seem likely to be happy
customers. In fact they were using the filthiest language he'd ever
heard. It was then that he looked up at his new sign painted on his
window and discovered the painter had made a slight mistake in the
letter spacing. These gents weren't angry, they were just
interpreting the new sign as instructions. What did the sign say?


I was so sure this one would fall quickly I didn't leave myself much
room for a clue. The answer is so obvious that most of you are
probably looking for something complicated. There's a big hint in the
fact that the cussing crowd outside the store was exclusively male.


Cynthia finally rescued me from my isolation by answering the riddle...


thank you for playing


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